Monday, May 22, 2017

Game fundamentals: Catching a football

In football, if you can’t catch a pass from 10 feet away, you’re called butterfingers. And you don’t want that to happen. Fortunately, learning the most basic fundamental of football isn’t difficult.

Here are things you can do to catch the football every time.

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Keep your eyes on the ball at all times

Make sure you zero in on the ball. Every time you lose your sight on the ball you increase your chance of dropping it or the other team intercepting it. A simple way to lock it in is to watch the tip of the ball all the way from the quarterback’s hand to yours. This practice increases your hand-eye coordination.

Extend your arms

Extend your arms toward the ball so that your hands and the ball meet at the furthest possible point. This allows you to increase your chance of catching the ball if it wasn’t thrown at you directly.

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Cup your hands

Cup your hands so there’s a slight space between them. Always have your palms face toward the ball with your index fingers and thumbs touching each other so that it forms the shape of a triangle. Catch the ball and let it go halfway between your hands before clamping all your fingers down.

The most important thing is to visualize the catch. If you think you can catch, you will.

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