Friday, January 13, 2017

Some facts about the awesome Ozzie Newsome

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Ozzie Newsome will always go down in history as one of the most memorable Cleveland Browns to run the on the gridiron. Here are some facts about him.

1. He is often regarded as a player who revolutionized how the NFL game was played.

2. It was Sam Rutigliano who discovered Newsome, even before he was named head coach of the team in 1977.

3. Newsome was originally positioned as a linebacker when has still with Alabama, where a scouting Rutigliano saw his brand of play numerous times.

4. In the months leading to the 1978 draft, Rutigliano, had a pair of eyes get a closer look at Newsome, just to be sure if his frame was big enough for his body to be boosted up to 240 pounds. It seems he already had a plan for the promising player.

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5. Rutigliano decided that Newsome’s potential would be maximized if he reinvented himself to play as a tight end, which was the position that the Browns were most lacking in.

6. With what he knew back then about Newsome, and the plan that was getting increasingly clearer in his head, Rutigliano drafted Newsome for the Browns as the 23rd pick overall.

7. Newsome turned out to be matched with the right developmental plan, as he became a complete project. He was big enough to block and athletic enough to run in stretches to catch passes, a quality that was exceedingly rare. This was the revolutionary contribution he had to football.

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