Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What a Cleveland Cavaliers championship means to the Browns

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The curse is finally broken! The Land is finally holding a major sports league championship after 52 long years. With the Cleveland Cavaliers conquering the NBA, the entire city of Cleveland, the entire state of Ohio let out a collective roar of celebration, one that has been pent up for five decades.

But aside from the jubilation, the Cavs’ championship has much more meaning to the Browns, a team that has not seen success for the longest time.

A positive consequence for the Browns, as well as for the Indians and Barons, is the offload of pressure. There would be no more excessive desire, which can be unproductive, to be the city’s sports savior. Playing with less pressure and with more excitement can only bode well for the sports team.

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There are lessons to be picked up as well from the Cavs’ journey to the top. It can serve as a reality check for the Browns, letting them know how far they are from contending for a playoff spot – let alone a title – and what it takes to get there.

Granted, the Cavs got a massive, 113 kg help from franchise savior LeBron James in winning it all. There is little chance the Browns can acquire such a generational talent. But James would probably have not returned two years ago if the Cavs did not play its assets right during the years prior.

What the Browns, therefore, needs to do is take advantage, develop, and be patient with every asset it has: young players and draft picks. Then with competent team management and probably a little luck, the Browns can start winning again.

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