Friday, April 15, 2016

Browns’ newest QB: Robert Griffin III joins the roster

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In a recent press conference, Cleveland Browns’ new coach Hue Jackson has shared his thoughts on his team’s newest quarterback, Robert Griffin III. The head honcho believes in the man’s abilities and knows that he will be a powerful addition to the already magnificent squad. He made no promises, though, which means the new quarterback has definitely got a lot to prove at this point.

Robert Griffin III was the No.2 pick in the 2012 NFL drafts and was later declared Rookie of the Year, beating Russell Wilson and Andrew luck. Unfortunately, he suffered a major knee injury during the 2012 playoff, causing him to miss several games. However, everyone was surprised when he came back from the bench quickly to play in the 2013 curtain raiser without playing in any pre-season game. Scores didn’t turn out in his favor and worse, he had another injury the following year. Until 2015, he has struggled to make a turnaround in his form.

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Making a comeback as the new quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, Griffin is most definitely positioned to redeem himself and be a major asset for the team. According to him, he has no idea what’s in store for him with his new home at this point but he says he is thrilled to be part of the roster. Griffin promised that he is in his best form and is more than determined to show some spectacular maneuvers. He is driven to do whatever it takes to be of great use for the team. With this, coach Hue Jackson is putting Griffin in a pedestal in which he could thrive and give the Browns another superstar.

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