Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The five greatest Cleveland Brown players in history

The Cleveland Browns is a storied franchise in American football. Just like all storied franchises in any sport, the Browns were built on the backs of hardworking staff and crew, eccentric and hard-nosed coaches and general managers, and of course, talented and heroic players. Here are the five greatest players in Cleveland Browns history.

Ozzie Newsome

Newsome was a tight-end for 13 years with the Browns. He was part of the famed “Kardiac Kids” that dazzled fans in the ‘80s. The quality that makes him a cut above the rest is his loyalty. He never changed teams in his career, staying a Brown until the end.

Lou Groza

Speaking of loyalty, Groza spent 21 years with the Browns. Very few people were more dedicated to the Browns. He was multi-talented and played a number of positions well. He was one of the greatest kickers the league has ever seen, hence the moniker “The Toe.”

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Bill Willis

Willis was small for a defensive tackle, but boy did he have heart. As one of the first black players in the league, he played as though he had something to prove. And proved it he did with his unparalleled work ethic. With Willis on defense, there was almost always a sure tackle.

Otto Graham

The greatest quarterback to ever lead the Browns. Graham was the prototype quarterback in the NFL. He led the Browns to seven championships. He changed for all quarterbacks the game to come forever.

Jim Brown

Arguably the greatest football player in history and the best of the Browns, Brown had it all. He was strong, agile, fast, intelligent and tough. His accomplishments stretch on for miles. Even today, what Brown accomplished stands as a monument in which all great players are measured.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Browns’ newest QB: Robert Griffin III joins the roster

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In a recent press conference, Cleveland Browns’ new coach Hue Jackson has shared his thoughts on his team’s newest quarterback, Robert Griffin III. The head honcho believes in the man’s abilities and knows that he will be a powerful addition to the already magnificent squad. He made no promises, though, which means the new quarterback has definitely got a lot to prove at this point.

Robert Griffin III was the No.2 pick in the 2012 NFL drafts and was later declared Rookie of the Year, beating Russell Wilson and Andrew luck. Unfortunately, he suffered a major knee injury during the 2012 playoff, causing him to miss several games. However, everyone was surprised when he came back from the bench quickly to play in the 2013 curtain raiser without playing in any pre-season game. Scores didn’t turn out in his favor and worse, he had another injury the following year. Until 2015, he has struggled to make a turnaround in his form.

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Making a comeback as the new quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, Griffin is most definitely positioned to redeem himself and be a major asset for the team. According to him, he has no idea what’s in store for him with his new home at this point but he says he is thrilled to be part of the roster. Griffin promised that he is in his best form and is more than determined to show some spectacular maneuvers. He is driven to do whatever it takes to be of great use for the team. With this, coach Hue Jackson is putting Griffin in a pedestal in which he could thrive and give the Browns another superstar.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Inked up: NFL players with notable tattoos

Did you know that the NFL is going to ban its players from having body ink starting 2018? When this was announced April last year, a lot of football and ink fans were dismayed at the NFL’s take on tattoos.

Before the league wipes out ink from the players’ bodies, here’s a recap of some of the best inks in the world of NFL.

Nick Barnett: Barnett has his arms and chest covered in tattoos. One of his ink was a work by Kat Von D, and was featured in an LA Ink episode in 2010.

Steve Smith: Smith from the Carolina Panthers is a fan of tattoos. He has his arms sleeves covered in intricate ink work.

Collin Kaepernick: This San Francisco 49ers quarterback has impressive tattoos on his back, arms, and chest. Many of his tattoos are based on religious themes. His tattoos were made by Nes Adrion of Endless Ink, a famous tattoo parlor in Nevada.

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Patrick Willis: Another San Francisco 49ers player is a big fan of tats. Patrick Williams is known for his hard hits and his tattoos. He has “IM” and “ME” tattooed on his biceps and a football and the words “prototype” and “strong willed” on his chest.

Devin Thomas: Detroit Lions’ Thomas pays tribute to his son and God, by putting ink on his arm and chest.

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