Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is there hope for the Browns?

Just like any Cleveland Browns fan, I had high hopes for the team going into the 2015 season. 2014 saw a slight improvement in the team’s record, 7-9, the first season since 2007 without double-digit losses. Still, the sting of failure to make it to the playoffs for the 12th consecutive year, the longest for the franchise, remains. And a stellar 2015 will certainly help obliterate all the hurt and disappointment from the Browns’ past fumbles.

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So the season kicked off with the Browns up against the New York Jets. And at the end of the game, the Jets trampled the Browns, 31-10. To say the defeat was disheartening is an understatement: starting quarterback Josh McCown suffered a concussion and had to be replaced by Johnny Manziel; the Browns were leading in the first half, 10-17, but failed to score in the second, while the Jets had 17 unanswered points (!); and then there were the turnovers and the penalties. In the end, the Browns opened the season again with a loss for the 11th straight year, extending their record for the most number of consecutive season-opening losses in NFL history. And to make matters worse, the team suffered 13 opening losses at home (yikes!) since returning to the NFL in 1999.

The disastrous start for the Browns pretty much painted a bleak scenario for the franchise. Although the team did win against the Tennessee Titans the following game and the Baltimore Ravens on October 11, the Browns were again facing consecutive losses heading into their bye week. And perhaps surprising no one, the Pittsburgh Steelers handed the Browns a crushing defeat, 30-9, and an NFL worst record, 2-8, at the end of the Week 10.

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There are still six games left before the regular season ends, and together with all lifelong Browns fans, I am hoping for some miracle. I really do wish the Browns were able to read the spot-on analysis of Shawn Star, EIC, on what the team can do to win this season. If not, well, Mike Pettine will likely get the boot, and Johnny Football’s time in Cleveland is for sure over.

Jonathan Bunge here, still hoping for a turnaround for the Browns this season. If you are a diehard football fan like me, follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

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