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Football positions: The offensive and defensive players

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In a football game, each team has 11 players on the field at a time. The team with the possession of the ball is referred to as the team on offense and the opposite team is on the defense. The job of the latter is to prevent the former from scoring a touchdown by stopping them from bringing the ball to their end of the field. And the the offensive and defensive players play critical roles in the match. Below are the tasks and responsibilities of each player:

Offensive positions

Quarterback: The QB is the leader of the team and the one who calls all the shots in the game. He gets the ball from the center and is the primary passer of the ball.

Center: He handles the ball on every play and is responsible for passing the ball to the QB. He is called as such because he is positioned in the middle of the offensive line.

Running back: The main responsibility of the RB is to carry the football but he is also required to block. A Fullback is a type of running back whose job is to block. Running backs are fast and strong and usually receive and pass the ball multiple times in a single play.

Wide receiver: A wide receiver’s duty is to not get caught by the defenders. Usually the fastest players on the team , wide receivers are positioned far from the center.

Tight end: He is both a receiver and a blocker. These players are not fast so they are used for short passing plays. They need to be strong and also good at catching the ball.

Left and right guard: These players protect the QB and all the ball receivers from getting tackled by the opposing team.

Left and right tackle: They are the outer members of the offensive line and they are in charge of handling the ball.

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Defensive Positions

Defensive tackle: They are the inner two members of the defensive line whose job is to maintain their positions or disrupt the formation of the offensive line.

Defensive end: They are the outer members of the defense. They are in charge of the offensive backfield where they try to tackle the QB or the ball receiver.

Linebacker: They are positioned behind the defensive line and their job is to rush the QB or tackle whoever has the ball. They must prevent the offensive team from running up the middle of the field.

Safety: The task of these players is to prevent the offense from doing the big play in case the wide receivers pass the cornerbacks.

Cornerback: These players cover the wide receivers and prevent them from catching the ball. They also help when the offense gets past the linebackers.

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Football is a game of strategy as much as it is a game of physical strength and agility. The coach and the players need to work together for the most effective play.

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