Friday, September 27, 2013

REPOST: Clay Matthews sports mustache as "trusted handyman" in new commercial

In this article, Paul Imig of Fox Sports Wisconsin talks about Green Bay Packers' linebacker Clay Matthews' new commercial.

It's the Green Bay Packers' bye week, but outside linebacker Clay Matthews has apparently been working two jobs for a while.

In his latest commercial for Fathead, the "NFL megastar" explains how he became "the most trusted handyman in the greater Green Bay metro area." After all, when he's "not busy destroying offenses," he's "fixing actual fences."
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With a tool belt around his waist and a blonde mustache over his lip, Matthews gives several alternate suggestions to the typical home-repair situations.

Hole in the wall? Matthews suggests a big Fathead.

Leaky faucet? The customer in the commercial seems to disagree, but Matthews thinks a Fathead mural should fix that right up.

Perhaps the most important piece of information Matthews shared was that a Fathead with him on it will deter burglars, cat burglars and even burglar cats.

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Matthews, who's no stranger to television commercials and made a guest appearance earlier this year in FOX's comedy "The Mindy Project," concluded his one-minute spot with a simple tagline for any potential new customers looking to hire him: "There's no "i" in home maintenance, and if there is, we can remove it for you."

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