Friday, August 30, 2013

Reassessment time for the Browns

The Browns were doing great for the first two preseason games, and the fans saw a glimmer of hope for the team doing well in the upcoming season. However, the third game came with what looked like too large a loss, which brought back the cloud of pessimism in the minds of many people. On one hand, I can’t really blame them for being discouraged so easily because it has been a long time since the fans could honestly say that they expected something great from the team.

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On the other hand, we must put things in better perspective. That loss was just a loss in the preseason. It doesn’t mean a thing unless the team doesn’t use the data gathered from that game with the Colts to improve.

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According to Brandon Weeden, we shouldn’t be panicking and throwing in the towel just yet. What seemed like a bad loss from the Colts is, again, just a preseason game that would allow the team to see the areas that it will need to focus on improving.

Weeden also mentioned that instead of becoming discouraged themselves, the players choose to look at their less-than-stellar performance in Indianapolis as a wake-up call. They really need to buckle down and practice harder. There isn’t a shortage of effort in the offense and the defense, but the whole team really needs to push harder to make sure that it wins us—the fans—some games.

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That’s the most that I can count on them for in the near future. After that, I think it’ll take a while for the team to fully come together as a strong contender for the AFC North Crown. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

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